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Mark Haskins: Amazingly Talented Guitarist/Composer/Producer

Based in Durban, SA
Founded in 2010
Genre: #Jazz#Funk 
Label:MIH Music Publishers
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Mark Haskins is a Jazz Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer from Cape Town, South Africa.

Music in the Haskins' household was as much a second language as English or Spanish is to another. Mark Haskins’ late father was a violinist and his sister a music teacher. So there was always a tune coming from some part of the house. Mark's room though was flooded with the likes of Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery. Imagine a seven-year- old tackling the likes of “Footprints” and “Born to Be Blue” on the piano. Mark did just that as his lessons started at an early age, only moving onto the drums a decade later. Many thought he'd jump right into music after high school, but he went to University and graduated with a master’s degree focused on electronic engineering and computer science. 

Soon after that was obtained he switched gears and went on to further his music studies (jazz) at the Trinity College of Music in London. It was there that he took that childhood love of the greats and channeled them as he grew into his own modern day Jazz artist. Now an artist with almost four decades of experience behind him, he's built up an impressive resume of accomplishments. From playing around the world touring with countless artists to being on the bill of major Jazz festivals to being featured on BBC - he's done it all and then some. He has also worked as a session musician in London, Ireland, France, America and Australia with some of the very best artists in the world. He has always remained in the background, backing and producing other artists. 

For years fans and critics alike have appreciated what Mark Haskins brings to the genre of Jazz. Whether it is his unorthodox compositions in songs like “African Heartbeat” or the more personal tracks he's released recently in honor of his late wife such as “Nightride” and “The Echoes of Your Heartbeat.” 

The passing of his late wife prompted Mark to return to his home in South Africa. He has since established his own record company namely, MIH Music Publishers. Mark has stepped out of the background straight onto the world stage where he belongs. A true maestro. 

The Echoes of Your Heartbeat - Mark Haskins
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African Heartbeat - Mark Haskins
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